Volcan Pacifica : IMPORTANT NOTICE - Without Prejudice


We would like to notify all Volcan Pacifica, S.A. shareholders, investors and lot owners, current and potential, that criminal proceedings brought against MR WALTER MICHAEL STEPHENSON, MR JOHN ROSS HAGEN & MR JOHN THOMAS MCKEON (all of whom reside in Florida, USA) and their attorney MR MARIO FONSECA (who resides in Panama) commenced in Panama City on March 10, 2010.

The criminal complaint, among other activities, states that following a series of illegal shareholder meetings where control was gained through unregistered forged share certificates, members of this group fraudulently recorded corporate changes in the Public Registry of Panama.  All shareholders were neither informed, present at the alleged shareholder meetings, nor voted on the illegal corporate actions that took place to the detriment of the organization.  The courts have been furnished with evidence of the attempted illegal land transfer and measures are now in place to prevent any future attempts to steal from the rightful shareholders of Volcan Pacifica, S.A.

WARNING:  Potential buyers and investors beware: any and all land transfers not made directly by Volcan Pacifica, S.A. and any transfers whatsoever registered after November 2009 will be deemed null and void as the buyer/investor will be effectively receiving stolen goods and the transfers will have been made without shareholder or correct board approval.  Any investor or lot buyer should email our legal department below to verify the investment they are considering prior to making any payment whatsoever.

It is our sole intention and dedicated aim, through ongoing criminal and civil proceedings, to ensure that Volcan Pacifica, S.A. suffers no more illegal hostile attacks from members of this group.  We will not rest until we can ensure that all shareholders and investors are fully protected.

In addition to this development, members of the same group are alleged to have been involved in fraud, theft and illegal corporate actions at Alto Volcan, S.A. in Volcan and also Sunset Point, Inc. in Bocas – FOR MORE INFORMATION CLICK HERE

We are pleased to confirm that after more than 6 months of presenting overwhelming evidence including sworn statements from shareholders and clients, the Panamanian Prosecution Service has admitted our case and we expect corrections to the Panamanian Public Registry and this group to be tried and punished for their alleged crimes.

If you are a shareholder, lot owner, creditor or employee that has been directly affected by these actions and would like more detailed information then please submit your contact details below and we will keep you abreast of ongoing progress.  



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